Time Travel

Time Travel is a cross-border project of BELOWGROUND, exhibiting the works of two emerging local artists Afa Annfa, Chino Lam, and street art legend Cope2.  The exhibition will be showcased at the same time as Cope2's solo exhibition.


The exhibition is a celebration of street culture and its heritage.  The exhibition is inspired by the classic film "Somewhere in Time" in the 1980s. The protagonist returns to time and space with the correct environment and thoughts. The exhibition lays the foundation for meditation and allows the audience to turn back time.  Modern subway doors act as a gateway to time, bringing the audience back to the golden age of street art in New York City in the late 1980s, when Cope2 and his staff bombed the city’s streets and subways with unique labels and graffiti with their bombs.  .


The seven large-scale collaborative paintings and murals installed in the station symbolize the unity of the two generations.  The collaborative works feature the artist's unique style, combining Afa's exquisite artistic language with Chino's signature character Jiro and Cope2's artistic graffiti.  Afa and Chino used their contemporary expressions to reimagine this era and observe in the context of today.  The changes in time and environment represent the rapid development of street art, the popularization of subcultures and its international influence.  The exhibition also shows Afa's reinterpretation of the original movie poster "Somewhere in Time" in her signature portrait painting, echoing the narrative of the show.






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