The Descendants

The Descendants is a group presentation of over 20 international artists, which showcases a generation of pivotal artists who are at the forefront of guiding contemporary art around the world.

In the pursuit of reviving once-celebrated abstract forms and the exploration of portraiture and landscape painting, each participating artist situates their artistic exploration within the specific histories and legacies of the artistic metropolises they hail from and the identities they inhabit in their places of residence. The vanguard of contemporary art intertwines themselves with diaspora, dynamics of race and gender, sexuality, and the uninhibited engagement with art that propels these narratives forward.

The exhibition is replete with fantastical shapes, colors, and an array of objects, delving into the intricate intersections of lineage, location, and spirituality. It reveals how these concepts shape the repositioning of diverse identities and senses of belonging. As anchoring artists of the next generation, a key thread of this program is to perpetuate the seeds of longevity. Through painting, sculpture, and mixed-media installations, powerful reflections are made on the experiences of human displacement, fluidity, and cultural hybridity.

I was so excited to experience the work you selected. Thank you so much for including me. Love it. ❤️

The Descendants
Date: 2 - 17 Sep 2023
Gallery: Woaw Gallery
Venue: K11 Musea
Address: 6F, Kunsthalle, K11 Art & Cultural Centre, Hong Kong

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