Taylor Lee and Peter Chan: Toy Show

Toy Show is an exhibition by the Los Angeles artist Taylor Lee and the Taiwanese artist Peter Chan, which inspired by toys and cartoons from Peter's childhood, the husband and wife show personal work in dialogue with each other, creating a witty and entertaining exhibition.

This series provides a new direction for Lee's creative process and content. Over the past year, she has started exploring the use of a rare glazing technique called Raku. This technique requires ceramic pieces to be taken out of the kiln, while still glowing red from the fir, placed into a flammable material, such as newspaper, and set on fire on their own. This process creates completely unique pieces, as the firing process is never exactly the same. Raku produces a myriad of glossy, dramatic colors and textures, all of which can be seen in the artist's work in the exhibition.

Chan's practice uses color, shape, and light to explore nostalgia and turn mundane everyday experiences into moments worth saving. Despite depicting fictional scenes. His background in Plein air painting, an artistic movement in which the artist paints scenes directly from nature, is evident in these series. Chen's use of light and light abstract aesthetics is evident influenced by the 19th-century Impressionist painters who created the Plein air movement. However, he strayed from the Impressionist palette and instead used bright colors to continue to reduce the intimidating factor of the characters depicted.

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