Takeru Amano: Venus and Cat

Venus and Cat is a solo exhibition by the Japanese artist Takeru Amano, which breaks through the attempts of different creative media and forms of expression to start a dialogue in the air.

Men are obsessed with women's gracefulness; it is just as cute as women who love cats. This kind of almost mythical empathy worship, through the artist's vision, from creative methods, media to color selection, created by the original expression "NEW ART" that combines modern art techniques and classical art, through the street’s casual coolness. The graffiti technique is presented to people. From the spiritual core, he gave a harmonious meaning to his tunes praising the beauty of the gods. This kind of keen intuition and inner wisdom is inextricably related to the process of his growth. It has been cultivated and cultivated by his father since he was a child. At the same time, it has been influenced by the animation trend culture that has risen in Japan after the 20th century.

His creative style combines clean lines with meaningful trend elements in popular culture. Let his works center on the oriental romantic culture, blending European classic elements and American emerging culture: like a bridge, creating a special viewing and interpretation angle for the viewer. The use of the most vivid and lively large-area flat color blocks streamlined and steady outline lines, as well as strong dramatic tension, and focused classicism portraiture perspectives, make the goddess originally in flat paintings with a touch of shyness and gentleness. With the graceful and natural dullness, stepping out of the original graphic limitations of the artwork, these amiable qualities come to you vividly, allowing you to quickly understand the artist's work without the need for extra thinking.
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