Sue Williams

The solo exhibition of the American New York-based artist Sue Williams is one of my favorite exhibitions of this year, which showcases domestic violence and explicit sexual content, these contents are mostly understood as feminist criticism of patriarchal society and war. Almost or completely abstract, they become intertwined swirling compositions of body parts, orifices and symbolic organs, like a suspect; anyone can interrogate him and arrest him.

Interweaving anatomical figures with rich autonomous lines and areas of color. In this process, abstraction and figuration are so combined, intertwined, and mixed that it is difficult for us to make a qualitative distinction between the two, that are not related in any way in content. Whether naked bodies, genitals, animals, body parts, orifices, symbolic organs, plants, everyday objects, or amorphous forms, everything is distributed on a pale monochromatic background, elements that seem to float on the original canvas in unmanageable full-body clothing is revealed before our eyes. The art of finding one’s way through it must be learned.

The meaning of symbolic symbols seems to be melted by the fact that they are almost indistinguishable from abstract forms, colorful blobs and blobs. In the collective ensemble nothing takes priority and everything has equal validity, proving to be a juxtaposition held together only by rhythm and energy. The artist chooses to paint in a way that is always fresh, one that is confused with an ugly standard of beauty, how to turn things around, recognizing that they are open to any explanation.

Sue Williams
Date: 1 Sep – 28 Oct 2023
Gallery: Galerie Eva Presenhuber
Address: Waldmannstrasse 6, CH-8001, Zurich


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