Siu Jian-guo

The solo exhibition of new work by the Mainland Chinese visual artist Sui Jian-guo, which focuses on 8 sculptures and ten works on paper created by the artist this year.

The artist brings an in-depth knowledge of materials and an interdisciplinary approach to his sculptural works, exploring new ideas and directions for the medium while also respecting its ancient origins. In recent years, he has used 3D scanning, digital sculpting and other tools to create new phenomenological effects in sculptures, triggering different interpretations and interpretations.

In the new series, he continues to use 3D scan data he has recorded since 2008 in his sculptures of recent years, capturing the shape and textural details of the artist’s hands. These early works are permanent memorials to the fleeting movement of his hands in the moment they grasp the clay, transforming this movement into a displacement of temporary existence.

In his view, the discourse surrounding sculpture has never been divorced from monumentality, which brings the illusion of eternity to the brevity of life. Yet, like the paradox of Achilles and the tortoise, this monument can never catch up with the grasp that ends at the same time it begins. In this sense, the real, concrete, and detailed sculpture before the artist represents a disappearing nothingness, a "portrait of the void".

Thanks again for inviting us to the opening party. We had a blast hanging out and experiencing every single piece of work.

Siu Jian-guo
Date: 21 Sep – 26 Oct 2023
Gallery: Pace Gallery
Address: 12/F, H Queen's, 80 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong

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