signals… is a group exhibition showcasing a range of commissioned and existing works in dialogue with an experimental display structure that will change throughout the exhibition.

Signals in the context of the exhibition are patterns of kinetic art, communication, action, and intervention to create a cascade of responses. As such, participating artists will use cues including sound, smell, movement, and smoke to examine complex issues related to dispersed communities, migration flows, and the intersection of technology, science, and architecture.

Drawing inspiration from the seminal gallery and art salon Signals London (1964-1966), the exhibition represents a strategy for reconnecting global society from its fulcrum in Hong Kong in a post-pandemic world and was conceived as a permitted exhibition at Open Evolves and stays alive afterward. The exhibition's reconfigurable display system acts as a continuous spatial investigation as the artwork/event rotates, unfolds, fragments, or dissipates throughout the duration of the exhibition.

Date: 18 Mar – 28 May 2023
Gallery: Para Site HK
Address: 22/F, Wing Wah Industrial Bldg, 677 King's Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

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