Shozo Shimamoto & Kazuo Shiraga: Action

Action is a joint exhibition by 2 Japanese artists Shozo Shimamoto and Kazuo Shiraga, which presents the work of 2 key members of the renowned avant-garde group Gutai Art Association.

As the first radical art movement in postwar Japan, the Gutai Art Association rejected tradition in favor of performative expression and physical contact using various techniques and materials, established a space for intercultural and interdisciplinary exchange, and worked to raise awareness in Japan and awareness. The status of art on the international art stage.

Shimamoto's practice draws on developing artistic theories of Abstract Expressionism and ephemeral art in the 1960s, often smashing and throwing vases and bottles filled with paint onto the canvas in what is known as action painting. As with other avant-garde movements of the postwar era, the rejection of representational forms in painting and art was an important theme for Gutai. Shiraga's pursuit of a harmonious relationship between "body" and "matter" heralds a conceptual title combining theory and practice. Although abstract, his work is read through themes of Japanese cultural history and Eastern mythology, and later through more spiritual ideas related to his middle-aged conversion to Buddhism.

Shozo Shimamoto & Kazuo Shiraga - <<Action>>
Date: 24 Aug – 14 Sep
Gallery: Whitestone Gallery
Address: 7-8/F, H Queen’s, 80 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong

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