Samson Young: Music for Selective Hearing, or Assisted Living

Music for Selective Hearing, or Assisted Living is a solo exhibition by the Hong Kong multi-disciplinary artist Samson Young, which showcases five sets of artworks created by the artist in the past two years will be exhibited. Known for exploring socio-political structures by examining the historical and contemporary conditions of sound and music, considering the complexities of "sound regulation", active control of ambient sounds, such as devices such as white - noise aids to sleep - as self-care and recovery, also as self-imposed isolation, control, and deliberate disengagement.

The exhibition includes the artist's collaboration with his longtime friend, violist William Lane. The installation is Often Easy, and Sometimes Impossible (2021-2022) consisting of a two-channel video in which Lane plays Young’s original composition to the soundtrack of the triangle, viola, and synthetic glass harmonica (three high-pitched instruments) due to its “overstimulation” was once considered detrimental to mental health in Europe in the late 18th century. By revisiting the history of panic-turned-panic police and censorship, and by reflecting on the nascent, overwhelming "freedom" to disengage through acoustic, orphic means, problematizes the psychiatric rhetoric of "dangerous tune."

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