Renato Nicolodi: Concealment and Disclosure

Concealment and Disclosure is a solo exhibition by the Belgian painter and sculptor Renato Nicolodi, which showcases his works on paper and video work, along with 6 acrylic paintings on canvas and 2 monumental concrete sculptures.

Through this void, a platform is provided for the viewer to fill it with their reflection, contemplation, or musings. In a rapidly changing society, rest points may be possible answers, but also starting points for further questions. Rounded arches and columns support a cross-vault or ceiling set within a rectangular concave volume. The interplay of stairs and floors guides the eye along the architectural journey to the central dark space.

His works of art can only ever be accessed and discovered spiritually. They are by no means scale models or models of large buildings, and even when a sculpture is realized on a large scale, as has happened several times across Belgium in recent years, the end result is also a spiritual contemplation of the tranquility such a sculpture can provide, can never be used as a shelter or as something with a domestic function: their essence is always "non-functional".

Renato Nicolodi - << Concealment and Disclosure >>
Date: 23 Mar – 18 May 2024
Gallery: Axel Vervoordt HK Gallery
Address: 21F, Coda Designer Centre, 62 Wong Chuk Hang Rd, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong

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