Raffaele Cioffi: Soglia

Soglia is a solo exhibition by the Italian contemporary painter Raffaele Cioffi, which presents a series of new oil paintings from Soglia, created in 2023, which he has been developing for more than half a decade.

The artist's exploration of liberating light from the constraints of canvas lines allows light to exist in the form of atoms in the air, flowing and free. Through harmonious and detailed colors, it creates depth and passages in the artwork, inviting the viewer to step into these portals or activated blank monitor screens. Evoking mysterious dimensions, offering the opportunity to interpret the world through the lens of his innovative use of light.

Visual representation consists of intangible shapes and colors that have no subject or object, rather than just the language it uses to communicate. Abstraction as a visual language transcends any particular period or any divisive meaning associated with the avant-garde movement. It may seem strange for an artist to invite the viewer to slow down and engage in intellectual contemplation.

Raffaele Cioffi - << Soglia >>
Date: 15 Sep – 21 Oct 2023
Gallery: Soluna Fine Art
Address: G/F, 52 Sai Street, Sheung Wan

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