Play and Loop lll

Play and Loop III is the third summer video screening, which presents four scenes, each for a period of two weeks. Each scene will show four works, and the exhibition space will also present three video installations. After a long period of separation and limitation, pain and fear, the scenes of "Play and Loop III" will allow us to rediscover the perception and extension of the body. Playing and looping is to experience our subtle lives over and over again.

In Breakfast in Bed, Kenneth Tam conducts various group activities with a group of mainly white men. Non-actors responded to the artist's call on regional Craigslist and Reddit posts for participants who are open to this social experiment. Over the course of many meetings, participants got to know each other and became comfortable enough to go shirtless, dance, and share their feelings and compliments with each other. Tam is interested in the performance of men in groups, and more generally, how individuals negotiate intimacy across class and race differences. Investigating the scripts of people's socialization, the artist presents a rare and hopeful situation in which men can get together in a sincere, friendly and non-toxic way.

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