Pietro Roccasalva: Recent Paintings

Recent Paintings is a solo exhibition by the Italian artist Pietro Roccasalva, which focuses on the latest works created in 2023, displaying new works from his famous series "La Sposa Occidentale" and "Just Married Machine".

Weaving together complex symbols, we draw deep inspiration from literature, film, philosophy, and our collective imagination. The resulting artistic repertoire manifests itself in complex vernacular and deeply personal imagery. They are inseparable from the artist's ongoing exploration, experimentation, and academic pursuits, which have been unfolding over two decades.

Drawing from diverse mediums and vocabularies, the works pay homage to respected authors and celebrate the masterpieces of the past. Transforming photographs and narratives into vivid images is both disorienting and thematically charging. With its ingenious performance, the audience is fascinated by the play of meaning and constant repetition. Each series of works, densely composed of other works, breathes life into a third entity - a synthesis of two worlds, one tangible and imaginary, blending real and fictional narratives.

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Date: 31 Aug – 21 Oct 2023
Gallery: Massimo de Carlo Gallery
Address: Shop 03-205A & 205B & 206, Second Floor, Barrack Block, Tai Kwun, No. 10 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong

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