Phases of Matter

Phases of Matter is a solo exhibition of the recent work by the 3 Hong Kong local artists Ashlee Ip, Jeremy Ip, and Sammi Mak, which showcases the works of three young artists presented with their unique abstract visual language and personal media creation methods. Create paintings with complex composition, color, and form.

Ashlee Ip combines figurative and abstract elements to create symbols, achieving a delicate balance of chaos and order in her works; using painting as a language to express her connection with the natural world. In her paintings, the artist eschews the physical form of objects, instead expressing their essence through fluid forms such as water, mist, or mousse. The various elements in her paintings create a sense of direction and route that guides the viewer's gaze. This approach allows her to create symbolic connections to specific states while leaving open-ended interpretations, allowing viewers to form unique interpretations based on their experiences and associations.

Jeremy Ip sees herself as a tool and medium for painting, with This deepening the perception of life and heightening awareness beyond social symbols. Eschewing normative forms and rational thinking, and avoiding excessive control over images, the artist creates and adds images of uncertainty to the canvas, responding to accidents, showing the state of thinking and being between contradictions, limitations, and balances, resisting "Validity" ” and “Reality” things are predetermined.

Sammi Mak invites the viewer to enter and immerse themselves in her artwork. Her paintings depict her experiences in reality and her connection to the universe, exemplifying how pictoriality can represent language. The fluidity and intuition of the painting create a sense of openness that stimulates the viewer's senses, while the blank space invites the viewer into the realm of her art.

Ashlee Ip, Jeremy Ip, and Sammi Mak - << Phases of Matter >>
Date: 15 Jul – 19 Aug 2023
Gallery: Gallery Exit
Address: 3/F, 25 Hing Wo Street, Tin Wan, Aberdeen, Hong Kong

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