Peter Grundy: Doing Pragmatics

Doing Pragmatics is an accessible primer to pragmatics which is written by the language teaching methodologies of Durham University Peter Grundy, goes beyond theory, promoting applied understanding of empirical data, and offering students the opportunity to "do" pragmatics themselves.

As you read this book, you may find that you need to engage in thinking about data from the start. Our own intuition is very valuable, because interpreting words is not so much a question of right or wrong as it is a more or less convincing understanding. You'll also notice that some examples from earlier chapters of the book often recur in later chapters, but it also points out that more than one way of interpreting an example is often appropriate. As you will see, things are not always as simple as they appear at first sight.

Since pragmatic data consist of everyday utterances, first impressions of pragmatics tend to be very simple: examples and the way they are described seem to match our intuitions about everyday discourse very well.


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