P to P

P to P is a joint exhibition by the Mainland Chinese artist Li Shun and Yao Peng, which explores the mutual and ambiguous relationship between photography and painting through the works of the two artists.

Li and Yao originate from different backgrounds unlike one another. Although they create in different ways, they all choose painting as a tool of expression. Li's work includes photography, digital calligraphy, drawings, and paintings to showcase his philosophical concepts, and Yao uses photo-imagery collages and oil paintings to tell his story.

Li created his "Brave New World" series with his "Wandering System". During the epidemic, he stayed at home and looked at the outside world through Google Maps. Yao's latest series "The Fog of Time" is three meters long. His creative process is based on the digestion and re-creation of images.

Li Shun and Yao Peng - <<P to P>>
Date: 28 Jun - 5 Sep 2023
Gallery : Leo Gallery
Address: G/F, 46 Sai Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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