Out of Sight

Out of Sight is a group exhibition that outlines the interpretation and expression of invisible and elusive spiritual substances. Through paintings, drawings and sculptures by a variety of artists including Billy Apple, Siah Armajani, Janine Antoni, Fereydoun Ave, Konstantin Bessmertny, Matthew Brandt, Szelit Cheung, Gade, Abbas Kiarostami, Amal Lin, Norste, Shubigi Rao, Nicole Wong and Tom Wudl, the exhibition delves into the universal theme of spirituality, which transcends eras, cultures and individuals, and presents a fraction of what it means.

Spirituality is a broad, etymologically evolving concept. Human beings turn to it for many reasons: to seek the divine, to reach transcendence from within, and to cultivate kinship. The contemporary market has also adopted this concept, cleverly renaming it “mindfulness”. As originally proposed by the ancient Greeks, over time personification was also used to represent gods. Projecting human characteristics and flaws onto divine creatures constructs a worldview about the relationship between natural phenomena and human interactions.

Those who explore spirituality seek to understand the world and define their own existence within or outside it. Spirituality in the nature of faith and people, objects, nature and matter is elusive. Yet in a post-everything world, they can be distilled into classes, retreats, and training sessions. The artists raise their own questions about the overwhelming meaning evoked by spirituality, resulting in intimate and unique visual expressions.

Out of Sight
Date: 23 Sep – 4 Nov 2023
Gallery: Rossi and Rossi
Address: 11F, M Place, 54 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Wong Chuk Hang

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