Norio Imai: Time Space

Time Space is a solo exhibition by the Japanese visual artist Norio Imai, which focuses on the artist's vintage photographs of landscapes and portraits, as well as video works from the 1970s and 1980s, that explore the changes in Japan's economy and society that accompanied a period of rapid economic growth.

With a constant interest in the ever-changing time and space, the artist attempts to visually reveal the invisible subject of time through experiments with photography and video, taking the accumulation and visualization of time as his theme. The language of photography and video stems from his interest in the evolving nature of time and the "space" it occupies. As Japan's economy and society changed during an era of rapid economic growth and expansion, his work grew alongside the fascinating developments of his homeland.

Utilizing the materiality of video, expressing through its texture and feel, and focusing on the importance of visualizing time. Film videos that were once shown on television are assembled in the background of the video, permanently playing the image of a sandstorm, poetically expressing the artist's long-term interest. Portraits provide a natural confrontation between the audience and the viewer, as well as raise fundamental questions about identity and information. The artist also provides the viewer with a long passage of time through his self-portraits.

We thoroughly enjoy immersing ourselves in your gallery space to experience the artistic atmosphere you selected for us as this is one of our favorite galleries.

Norio Imai - << Time Space >>
Date: 2 Sep – 4 Nov 2023
Gallery: Axel Vervoordt Gallery
Address: 21/F Coda Designer Centre, 62 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Wong Chuk Hang
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