Nina Katchadourian: Natural Selection

Natural Selection is a solo exhibition by the American interdisciplinary artist Nina Katchadourian, which showcases a new series of Fake Plants.

In many projects spanning decades, the artist considered the contradictory meaning of the term “nature” and explored the relationship between humans and non-human Intervene in a cooperative" approach.

This type of exploration by the artist is usually the result of spontaneous play and experimentation on Pörtö, a small island group in the southern archipelago of Finland, where she spends the summer with her family. Some works reflect a humorous and curious way of looking at the world and her place in it. Other works, including Too Late (2003), a photo of an abandoned bird's nest, in which seven eggs show the title of the work in capital letters, conveying a clear sense of despair. Another such work, the video installation Fugitive (2007), shows an orangutan traveling endlessly along a set of suspended wires, trapped in the loop of a monitor showing the zoo environment in which the creature lives.

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