Nicole Wong: Cotton in the Ears, Furball in the Throat

Cotton in the Ears, Furball in the Throat is a solo exhibition by the Hong Kong artist Nicole Wong, which moving beyond a single medium, the practice investigates the fragile connections between words, objects, and images, provoking introspective reflection by exploring ideas of failure, hope, and misunderstanding.

Exhibiting a new series of lenticular prints titled "titled But What Happens When Skin Falls? (2021)”.  In each piece, the artist superimposes images of hand washing with images of handmade shadow puppets.  For the artist, the necessity to keep hands clean during the pandemic has become a recurring theme, and these repetitive movements are like an ombromanie ritual one performs before any kind of physical contact.  While the series' title points to a potentially gruesome end to all that handwashing, it could also be seen as a pointless question asked by an impatient child.  With this arrangement, Wong alludes to the psychological degradation humans experience in times of crisis.


Nicole Wong - <<Cotton in the Ears, Furball in the Throat>>

Date: 4Feb - 3 Mar 2023

Gallery: Rossi and Rossi

Address: 11/F, M Place, 54 Wong Chuk Hang Rd, Wong Chuk Hang




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