New Moroism

New Moroism is a group exhibition that brings together 4 artists who seek to expand the figurative parameters and ideas in paintings characterized by certain hazy conditions or blurred vision.

As part of an emerging generation of Asian-rooted artists, Michael Ho, Chris Huen Sin Kan, Timothy Lai, and Su Yu-Xin reflect a new approach and sensitivity, responding to transregional shifts and migrations. Embracing the concept of ambiguity in their paintings, the artists each explored a new form of Moroism, an aesthetic paradigm derived from the "mōrōtai" style that emerged in Japan (mōrō literally translates to "blur" or "blur"). Since of the artists shared East Asian heritage, the works in this exhibition are based on personal narratives. Chris Huen Sin Kan’s large-scale oil paintings are a series of handwriting, often featuring recurring figures, including his wife, son, daughter, and dog, evolving organically and haphazardly. The artist paints directly from memory, placing fleeting moments of life at the heart of his work. Imbued with the hallmarks of traditional Chinese ink painting, Xuan's technique involves layering brush strokes until a pattern emerges that echoes the spirit of the scene.

Inspired by the artist's personal experiences, " New Moroism" is united by a shared state of uncertainty, reflecting the complex and rapidly accelerating nature of our global reality. The series profiles artists who are at the forefront of the global development of contemporary art.

New Moroism
Date: 31 May – 9 Sep 2023
Gallery: White Cube, Hong Kong
Address: 50 Connaught Road, Central, Hong Kong

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