Nam June Paik Solo Exhibition

Nam June Paik Solo Exhibition depicts the future where humanity, technology and nature can be in perfect harmony. Facing the gloom of mass media oppression and control of mankind, the artist presents a world where technology and mankind coexist. The artist predicts that the East and the West will be connected through the media, and people from all over the world will communicate in real time.

Video art begins with the spirit of resisting the elimination of the dominance of television information and overcoming the social morbidity caused by it. As a member of the international avant-garde Fluxus movement, he approached video art with the anarchist ideas and anti-aesthetic philosophy advocated by the Fluxus. His pursuit of anti-aesthetics aims to make audience participation the subject of art and refuses to isolate himself from the public through communication. The 7 colors are reminiscent of TV test patterns, and this piece contains his intention to communicate through art. By fusing religion and technology together, he completed the face-to-face encounter of spiritual culture and material culture. Unlike this fusion with religion, there is light before the words, and after the words there will be light showing that the artist himself refers to religion by imitating Genesis and the Gospel of John.

Discussing Wittgenstein’s proposition, “What we cannot say, we must silently ignore”. The artist brings out through the work, what cannot be said may be portrayed through art.

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