Myonghi Kang: The Rebirth of Nature: Chapter 2

The Rebirth of Nature: Chapter 2 is the second chapter of the solo exhibition of the Korean artist Myonghi Kang, which intends to emphasize her status as an artist without borders, showcasing her paintings created in locations as diverse as Antarctica, Mongolia, and France, and emphasizing her geographical footprint across the globe.

The artist's canvases show tranquil streams, serene reservoirs, and idyllic villages forgotten beneath towering buildings, which serves as both testify to nature’s resilience and pay homage to its subtle presence. The macro perspective of her Garden brings a feeling of complete immersion in the landscape, in which the immaterial, perceptual realm of the mind is as close to the material encounter, the physical realm of painting, and the architecture supported by space.

The artistic exploration of Kang goes beyond mere representation, skillfully using the harmonious interplay of oils and pastels, and delicate watercolor brushstrokes to create a gateway to a realm where truth and beauty intersect. Through her artwork, senses are reawakened by the wonder around the viewer, igniting our imagination and calling us to a deeper connection with our environment.
This exhibition is profoundly awe-inspiring, and we express our sincere thanks for the invitation extended to us.

Myonghi Kang - << The Rebirth of Nature: Chapter 2 >>
Date: 11 May – 29 May 2024
Gallery: Villepin Art
Venue: SHOWCASE, Landmark South, 39 Yip Kan Street, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong

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