Minding G(r)a(s)p

The English title of the exhibition "Minding the G(r)a(s)p" is a triple term - gap, gasp, catch. This is a way of drawing attention to the space between seeing and knowing in the exhibition viewing experience. Viewers will be surprised when they discover new narratives or ideas when they are able to transcend the preconceived notions associated with the collective of 7 mid-career artists including Eastman Cheng, Chow Chun-fai, Jaffa Lam, Lau Hok-shing, Lulu Ngie, and Wong Wai-yin featured in the exhibition.

The exhibition invites the audience to participate through a collective experiment around the curator's interpretive lens. Instead, viewers are encouraged to consider their personal agency when encountering the story of each artwork. “Focus on G(r)a(s)p” questions the active and passive roles of audience, artist and curator – and seeks to reconfigure the power dynamics between these actors.

The exhibition does not attempt to satisfy a particular curatorial thesis, but stems from an in-depth dialogue between the curator and the artist. The works in the exhibition are imbued with personal meaning to the artist. Some were previously unrealized, and some were never widely exhibited. Yet still experiment - improvisation here and now. The exhibition aims to give participating artists the artistic freedom to realize the works they most desperately want to create at this particular moment of uncertainty.

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