Mike Kelley: Subharmonic Tabgerine Abyss

Subharmonic Tangerine Abyss is the latest solo exhibition by the Los Angeles-based artist Mike Kelley, which showcases one of the artist's most important later series - Kandors, including three different types of videos — videos documenting crystal growth, animation, and bottle projection that were included in his original Kandor's exhibition at Jablonka Gallery in 2007.

Widely regarded as one of the most ambitious and influential artists of our time, he often draws inspiration from a wide range of high and low cultures, unearths the banalities of everyday life, and questions and dismantles Western perceptions of contemporary art and contemporary art culture concepts.

He later discovers that Kandor still exists, albeit in miniature form: stolen by intergalactic villain Braniac before Krypton’s demise, the city has been shrunk into a toy-sized metropolis and preserved in glass bottles. Superman eventually took Kandor from Braniac and left the city in his fortress of solitude, maintaining its citizens with Kryptonic atmosphere tanks. As he once explained, Kandor's effect on Superman is "a permanent reminder of his inability to escape from the past, and of his alienation from the present world."

Mike Kelley - <<Subharmonic Tangerine Abyss>>
Date: 27 Oct 2022 – 25 Feb 2023
Gallery: Hauser & Wirth
Address: 15-16/F, H Queen’s, 80 Queen's Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
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