Maria Hassabi: I’ll Be Your Mirror

I’ll Be Your Mirror is a solo exhibition by the New York-based artist and choreographer Maria Hassabi, which comprises elements of performance, sound, photography, and painting, bringing her pioneering practice to the viewer with all works newly commissioned.

Primarily through the use of gilded mirrors to produce images, the artist's work plays with her iconic language of stillness and deceleration references figures throughout history characterized by artificiality - as a color in divination, as a symbolic representation.

The work resists the accelerated pace of contemporary life, prompting us to reconsider the way we receive and process visual messages that we sometimes fail to hear, or see but not hear, and the changing perception of its manifestations echoes the tensions in its practice—between subject and object, dance and sculpture, living body and still image, spectacular and every day. As the high-pressure choreography of the artist's time in the space evolves, the exhibition changes the dynamic between dancer and audience, raising reflective questions: What are we really observing? Who is performing and who is more vulnerable?

The uniqueness of her work contributes to a paradigm shift in environments, transforming them from mere repositories of past and static objects into dynamic spaces animated by on-site situations. These dance and performance experiments triggered a reimagining of the role, with the works no longer seen as singular events but as enduring exhibition formats that coexisted with traditional exhibitions of painting and sculpture.

We express our sincere gratitude for graciously guiding us through the exhibition. The live installation and artwork are awe-inspiring and leave an indelible impression.

Maria Hassabi - << I’ll Be Your Mirror >>
Date: 13 Oct – 26 Nov 2023
Venue: Tai Kwun
Address: 10 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong

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