Mak Ying-tung 2: House of Fortune

House of Fortune is the third solo exhibition by Hong Kong-based conceptual artist Mak2 (Mak Ying-tung 2) @makyingtung2, which features new installations, images and new works from her iconic series Home Sweet Home (2019), reflecting on the relationship between value and belief in the context of Chinese Fengshui and big data in the digital age.

The artist takes herself as the main body, aiming to analyze the standards of composition and contribution value, and at the same time conduct separate experiments on the works on display. The recognition of her new identity marked the beginning of the self-fulfilling prophecy. In order to prove this phenomenon, the artist sought not only the affirmation of theological authority, but also the affirmation of scientific authority, thereby maximizing the success of her House of Fortune exhibition.

Her multimedia installation Feeding the Multitude includes a pile of 3D printed crystals and projection videos of running code. Borrowing the religious belief that Chinese gods bring good luck, the artist invited a Fengshui master to perform a consecration ceremony on a digital file containing a 3D crystal model. The artist printed out a bunch of tiny sculptures from files, all of which theoretically carry the blessing of the master playing in a loop, countless codes run down from the ceiling, through the walls, and then to the printed sculptures. The projection is composed of the 3D model file of the crystal and the code generated by the recording of the consecration ceremony. Although the initial ceremony was only performed on digital files, the concept that its impact will be transferred to any subsequent product shows that as long as people believe that value will exist. By transforming the blessings of feng shui masters into a series of different physical forms and media, the installation alludes to the replicability of faith.

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