Ma Kelu: Wilderness

Wilderness is a solo exhibition by the Beijing-based painter Ma Kelu, which showcases a series of rare works of landscape and abstract paintings from the 1970s to the present. The exhibition conveys the relationship between form, free will, and life, existing in complete freedom in an unconstrained environment. Featuring eight groups of paintings from various periods, arranged chronologically to elucidate differences in subject matter, finish, and material disciplinary methods.

The artist has always been faithful to the process of painting, in order to deal with the different ways of working in a two-dimensional vision, he needs complete creative freedom to practice. Relying on painting to create meaning made him gradually question, or even deny, the objects he created. Objects have no meaning without life, and the artist did not set any distinction between the two. In pursuit of artistic purity, the intention behind the exhibition is to simulate a state of alienated viewing that encourages comparative reading of works of art.

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