Low Fever

Low Fever is the first group exhibition of female artists born in 1990s, which display more than 20 works by six artists: Chen Ruofan, Etsu Egami, Kaito Itsuki, Wang Xuebing, Wang Xiyao, and Yan Bingqian.


Low-grade fever is a physical symptom that can be felt.  This feeling can be portrayed whether it is an artist facing the greater dilemma of today's era, the environment outside of art or the problem of art itself.  Art has always been a multi-sensory experience of the world, where the senses and the body naturally merge with each other.  Gilles Deleuze wrote in a chapter entitled "Painting and Feeling": "What is painted on the canvas is the body, not represented by objects, but by maintaining this feeling as an experience.   


Etsu Egami used smooth colours, clear composition and strong brushstrokes to paint her Rainbow portraits.  She has studied and lived in many countries around the world, and has explored the nature of communication through personal experience of filth and misunderstanding.  She thinks that Rainbow's language does resonate with her mentality.  It has become a symbolic language of communication and has gradually penetrated into her painting style.


Wang Xiyao uses ropes, relaxed lines and bright colours to convey the lively passion and dynamics to the outside world through the limited canvas space and form.  During the painting process, she focused on maintaining the relationship between the canvas and the body, despite the unrestricted body displacement.

Balanced movement, the tension produced by movement, the elasticity produced by internal tension and control, and the support and complementarity of this elasticity enable her to find and compare the balance and imbalance between energy.









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