Let’s Try Catching Steam with Bare Hand

Let’s Try Catching Steam with Bare Hand is a group exhibition of the new series of artworks by three Hong Kong artists Chan Wai-lap, Ngai Wing-lam, and Yau Kwok-keung, which showcases more than thirty new works by those three artists, through non-human subjects such as fictional characters, mythological creations, and architectural designs, artists with different artistic practices, backgrounds, and ways of thinking demonstrate that contemporary life is a "nexus" composed of various situations and systems.

As the exhibition's title suggests, trying to catch something as intangible as steam hasn't had much success. Encyclopedia Britannica defines steam as an odorless and transparent gas. It only becomes visible when tiny droplets form, giving the steam its white, opaque appearance. Thus, steam can be shaped into some form of illusion. By capturing and amplifying various metamorphic processes, this exhibition treats change as an independent active factor. How this agency nuances the present is what we're trying to master.
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