Lee Kun-yong

The South Korean boundary-pushing performance artist Lee Kun-Yong's solo exhibition, which showcases a video of Lee performing Relay Life and Five Steps. With Relay Life, which debuted at the 1979 Bienal de São Paulo, the artist lined up his possessions and ended up lying face down at the ends of the objects.

In Five Steps, which premiered at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul in 1975, Lee marked his movements with charcoal directly on the floor, taking five steps from a starting point in all directions. The artist counts his steps in Korean as he works. This work exemplifies Lee's interest in the power of markers as records of physical movement and experience.

The artist also cultivated a new, simplified method of painting that was more approachable to the public, emphasizing the importance of communicating with the audience. He approaches the canvas from different angles, documenting his physical relationship to the medium of his choice. This experimentation by the artist produces bold abstractions that document his body movements.

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