Kuo Yen-Fu: About Take the Field, Take the Stage

About Take the Field, Take the Stage is a solo exhibition by the Taiwanese self-taught painter Kuo Yen-Fu, which features his selected paintings on athletes and movies in the past 2 years inspired by his life experiences and personal journey.

Paintings are formed through observation and reflection. Since his student days, the artist's study of athletes' movements and appreciation of movies have become the basis of his creations. In the series depicting athletes, muscles, and lines develop and extend with movement. Years of sports training and movement analysis enable the artist to master body dynamics and muscle expression in different stages of movement. Tension and explosive power, calmness, restraint, swing and explosion, and restrained brushstrokes are all manifestations of logic and cultivation in the creative process.

The depiction of human muscles in art history has a classical aesthetic background, while contemporary films carry the multicultural aesthetics of different eras and regions, and even affect the development of aesthetic values. Every track is an accumulation of countless moments, and every photo or image has its meaning. Whether it is recording important moments in sports history or the audio-visual and conceptual impact brought by popular art films, the audience uses "absence" to construct multiple interpretations and imaginations through images. The work shows a humorous and playful side, showing the translation and reinterpretation of film images and cultural symbols.

Your warmth, kindness, and genuine tour were apparent throughout our visit. Can't wait to join the workshop soon. Thank you so much for showing us around.

Kuo Yen-Fu - << About Take the Field, Take the Stage >>
Date: 20 Jan – 2 Mar 2024
Gallery: WKM Gallery
Address: 20/F, Coda Designer Building, 62 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong

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