Knox Martin: Homage to Goya

Homage to Goya is a selection of the American painter, sculptor and muralist Knox Martin's series of works, titled Caprichos, which the artist has been developing for decades. These works reflect the energetic and energetic approach that Martin is known for, while also capturing the formal and conceptual relationship between the artist and Goya.

Martin's Caprichos series includes approximately 80 drawings, which have been produced for more than decades. The exhibition features about 12 newer works, created between 2000 and 2016. For this series, Martin turned his own capriciousness into dense and vibrant works. As an important theme in Martin's practice, these paintings feature abstract human bodies, especially female nudes, where parts of the face and body are interlocked with other organic forms, lines, and images. In some cases, the audience will perceive animals, bullets, and sunlight. The "scene" captures the emotional and physical chaos, provokes a visceral response, and encourages long-sightedness.

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