Kim Keun-tai: Koan

Koan is a solo exhibition by South Korean artist Kim Keun-Tai, the exhibition was held in cooperation with Art Chosun of South Korea and showcased Kim's work on Asian wisdom and Eastern philosophy. Using organic earth elements, his work focuses on finding the true definition of the origin of the material. In this exhibition, the artist accepted the enlightenment he captured from earth materials and transformed it into a canvas with his unique creative method.

The artist kneaded the diluted stone powder and poured it on the canvas, then tilted it and made it flow, so that his work could "paint" by himself under the guidance of the artist's wishes, thus completing his own work. It reveals the artist's intention to "let things speak for themselves". Is it a renunciation to regard the subject as an artist? Or is it the most passive form of the "active" statement, aimed at releasing the artist's consciousness rather than giving up?

The unique technique of pouring a thin layer of stone powder medium on the side of the canvas, and then tilting the canvas back and forth to overflow the dough is a conscious movement that detaches the paint from the artist's consciousness and gives the material autonomy. Kim's methodology is not only to minimize the artistic performance of the artist, but also to dominate the narrative's positive attitude from the bottom to the top.
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