Kang Jun-seok: My Mate in HK

The new philosophy spread by Generation Z who led modern culture created the so-called mantra that we should prioritize personal well-being and fulfillment. Instead of chasing higher positions or higher salaries, they began to realize the value of simple hobbies, short but real breaks, and travel that didn't require much time. Living in the contemporary era, the artist is also challenging himself to relax while painting.

My Mate in HK is a solo exhibition by the South Korean artist Kang Jun-seok, throughout the exhibition, the viewer encounters some mysterious figures. As if he insists that the burden of real-life lies in the hands of adults, he deliberately makes his subjects pure beings. They carry all sorts of personal items that have been around since our childhood or wear animal costumes themselves.

The artist often combines landscapes and figures into horizontal or symmetrical compositions. Figures standing face to face or in pairs allow the viewer to appreciate the work in a balanced mood. The vertical angle towards the sky, the perfect plane in the aerial view, and the soft contours that appear to be spreading thanks to his skill of adding paint multiple times, all present a sense of stability and a helper function that aids relaxation.

Through their eyes, the artist raises an important question about our lives and values in a beautiful and calming way. In his canvases, he speaks of the social aspects of our time as we try to maintain inner peace amid the pain of reality. Walking in the woods, the sky, and the lakeside with the characters in the painting, we will hold a glimmer of hope in our hearts and live another day.

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