Jukhee Kwon: Liberated

Liberated is a solo exhibition of works by the Italy-based South Korean artist Jukhee Kwon, which comprises new and recent sculptural pieces created entirely from paper.

The primary material for her work is unused and discarded books, which she transforms through expert slicing and precision cutting into fascinating pieces that inhabit their surroundings. These 'found' books are meticulously manipulated and transformed by hand to create sculptures that burst from their spines, flow in cascading waterfalls, or radiate like paper tendrils to explore the surrounding surface area. While several new methodological avenues have been developed in the latest works, her imaginative leaps and surprising results remain a constant feature, as does the artist's palpable attention to clarity of expression in each sculpture.

For the artist, deconstructing these books becomes a process of creative discovery, exploration, identification, and ultimately uncovering some inner core of meaning that, once revealed, can express itself more fully. The artist constantly plays with complementary concepts: destruction and re-creation, birth and death, and other natural cycles.

Jukhee Kwon - <<Liberated>>
Date: 16 Mar – 22 Apr 2023
Gallery: October Gallery
Address: 24 Old Gloucester Street, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 3AL

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