Judith Godwin: Expressions of Life

Expressions of Life is a solo exhibition by the American abstract painter Judith Godwin, which includes a focused survey of works from the 1950s to the end of the century. Linked to the Abstract Expressionist movement at the beginning of her career, demonstrating the artist's lasting impact on the American art landscape, despite the challenges she faced due to her gender and sexuality.

Her thesis re-evaluates 20th-century female abstract artists, emancipating themselves from the conventions of a movement based on masculinity and heteronormative language. Aware of the limitations imposed on her by her environment, she seeks to redefine this "masculine" value through gestural abstraction, bringing loose geometric shapes into a dialogue with nature, dance, and Zen philosophy. Her innovative reorientation of the language of modernism remains a radical statement today.

The work is characterized by transparent colors, colliding forms, and sensual arcs, all of which are attributed to Graham, whose performances she frequented upon her arrival in New York, often watching from the wings. Taking on larger proportions and darker tones, all the while maintaining organicism and a penchant for light and space in evoking the spirit of nature.

Judith Godwin - << Expressions of Life >>
Date: 26 Jan – 9 Mar 2024
Gallery: @pippyhouldsworthgallery
Address: 6 Heddon Street, London W1B 4BT, UK

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