Jorge Pardo: All Bets are Off

All Bets are Off is a solo show by the American artist Jorge Pardo, which features over 10 new large-scale paintings, a 4-piece custom-built couch, and other works, etc.

As a typical Pardo, these new paintings make people consider observing their own behavior. Each one is composed of an accumulation of images, first layered digitally until almost unrecognizable, then laser cut to engrave the outline on the MDF, and finally hand-painted with acrylic. The resulting objects echo the sculptures and paintings in the iconic ornate Pardo style. These paintings are abstract, transformed through the combination of layered images, but they cannot be called non-figurative, but present a distorted form without the memory of what they represent.

Minimalism is the core, these fully superimposed works continue to explore the layered paintings that the artist has been developing over the years. The original images, usually two to seven layers per painting, are extracted from a wide range of source materials. They are personal photos, works of other artists he admires, and even a levelless fusion of his own past works. These works Appear between each other and each other in space. Explore the possibilities, which in this case seem limitless, let them disappear and become something else. This collective patchwork effect allows enough differences between different paintings that they "start a dialogue with each other."

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