Jin Oson: Distance in HK

Distance in HK is a solo exhibition by the Japanese artist Jun Oson, the world is in the midst of a pandemic, and people’s movements are restricted by a state of emergency. As the saying goes, "Don't get close to people. It's best to stay at home alone as much as possible." such rules have greatly changed people's lives and even changed their values. "Distance" depicts people who have been forced to change their lives due to the pandemic.

The artist believes that we have overcome the most difficult situation, and the situation of the worldwide has also improved. However, with the socialization of the Internet, the impact of the epidemic on us has made us realize the importance of real-life communities, and the impact on the meaning of our lives will not disappear for the time being. Since the pandemic has left behind a new set of values, we may feel different from before, but we want to continue to the next step anyway.
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