Jens Fange: Aura

Aura is a solo exhibition by the Swedish painter Jens Fange, which features a new series of paintings that will be transformed into human-scale compositions as part of a larger live scene.

Remove the illusion of depth by collaging card or miniature paintings on copper in corner seams and doorways, occasionally adding contrast by merging interior and exterior. Often exploring the relationship between man and architecture, the artist's surreal work hints at a wealth of art-historical influences, from Giorgio de Chirico's dark arches and Tamara de Lempicka's steel portraits to the faceted forms of Georges Braque and the colorful intersecting shapes of Wassily Kandinsky. However, he rarely contains obvious references, instead following vague and generic ones.

Jens Fänge - <<Aura>>
Date: 22 Oct - 10 Dec 2022
Gallery: Galerie Perrotin
Address: 807, K11, Atelier, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha TsuiHong Kong
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