Javier Calleja: This is Your Lucky Day

This is Your Lucky Day is a solo exhibition by the Spanish artist Javier Calleja, an intimate showcase is presented that takes you away from the hustle and bustle of city life and complements the urban setting. Presenting a series of special works on paper, the installation aims to convey a calm, everyday yet playful atmosphere, while paying subtle homage to French cultural heritage.

Naughtily underscoring the title of the exhibition, the artist's unmediated studio sketches are presented to the public for the first time, channeling the raw creative energy of his tranquil studio in the Malaga suburbs to this trendy Parisian neighbourhood. As petri dishes for his oeuvre, these papers are filled with markers, notes and elements that might have been crafted into one of his paintings, drawings, sculptures, collaborations or other projects. Includes everything from rough sketches of his infamous characters, experiments with face shapes, hairstyles or eyes, palette combinations and composition experiments, word and quote lists, to gesture markers and random real-life data such as phone numbers, dates, locations, etc. , these studio relics reveal a raucous stream of consciousness based on the artist's laconic and hopeful imagery. As an introduction to his practice, they take the viewer to the first floor, where the choice of large canvases visually shrinks the space.

Five new colorful paintings in custom antique frames continue his ongoing interest in playing with proportions and proportions. These unusually large frames are interested in altering perception and creating an illusion for the viewer, providing a deceptive sense of the Lilliputian experience. Transforming the role of the viewer from mere observer to living and moving proportional reference markers, they themselves become part of the presentation and are therefore driven to connect more closely with the big-eyed protagonist.
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