Ink and Graphite - Twitch and Tremble

Ink and Graphite - Twitch and Tremble to bring together 4 different, influential international drafting positions, including Martin Dammann, Native Maqari, Chloe Piene, and Uche Uzorka. Each artist on show works in a wide range of media, from performance to video as well as painting and photography. For every artist, painting is not only the core of their practice, but also the instinct of their thinking and thinking

Originally a draftsman, Martin Dammann focused on video work in the mid-1990s, eventually moving to watercolour, photography and photo installations. His large-format watercolors break with all clichés and, with this particular artistic technique, tackle issues and themes that have barely been addressed before: identity and gender, fascism, colonialism.

Native Maqari is a multidisciplinary artist whose work spans video, installation, performance, painting, and drawing. His painting practice is rooted in his graffiti work, with a fast-paced and spontaneous style that comes entirely from the artist's personal recollections, trying to harness the last flash of life.

Known for her explosive charcoal nude figure paintings, Chloe Piene has a relentless interest in the extreme anatomical flexibility of the body. Isolated on white, the closed, strained, narcissistic body has neither painful personality nor convincing humanity. Stunning both technically and formally, her paintings are both operatic and somehow inert.

Uche Uzorka is a mixed media artist who lives and works in Uzorka's practice, combining painting, collage, cut and paste, charcoal and ink painting into an examination of urban street cultural processes.

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