Ida Barbarigo: Cafés

Cafés is a solo exhibition by the Venice artist Ida Barbarigo, which produced in collaboration with Archivio Barbarigo-Cadorin-Music and the artist's estate, includes 17 works from the late 1966s and 1970s, preserved for almost 50 years in the artist's Venice residence, recently restored and revealed to the public first second-rate.

The artist's fascinating work spans from the mid-1950s to the end of her life, including several enigmatic series. The theme of the chair is a standout feature. Ubiquitous in her oeuvre, it remains her main theme and becomes a personal script, a handwritten form. As with all of her series, she worked obsessively for months, sometimes years. Her replica of the chair captures unseen energy. In seemingly conscious and unconscious ways, the chair acts as a primary motivation for acquiring deep emotions, only to transform and evolve into something entirely different. She sensed the vibe and dynamism of life in the city square and intended to express this materially. Her expressive work enlivens the surroundings of chairs in cafes in Venice or Paris' public squares, where she likes to sit for hours and observe people. These chairs express melancholy, mystical and even darker themes while resembling human skeletons or demons. Life - in all its interesting forms and images, obtained through the artistry of her brush.

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