Horacio Quiroz

Goddesses of Spoiled Lands is a solo exhibition by the established mid-career contemporary Méxician artist Horacio Quiroz, which showcases a series of 8 paintings and animated NFT stand-ins on display, blending his interest in mythology with his signature stone-painting technique.

Taking the broken and strange qualities of Mexico City's pavements as one source of inspiration and doubling it on the rich metaphorical level of the rock - as a carrier of cosmic history, as a signpost for countless entropic events, as powerful evidence of the interconnectedness of all matter, conveys The possibility of this expanded perspective.

Exploring these mythical gods encased in blocky, striped marbling and set against an alien sky in gradient hues. Rendered in hypnotic pastels and creams, apparent contradictions abound in these scenes: soft and hard surfaces, male and female genitalia, human and animal anatomy, megalithic statues of ancient gods, and among the banal symbols of the modern economy of convenience.

Horacio Quiroz - <<Goddesses of Spoiled Lands>>
Date: 4 Aug – 2 Sep
Gallery: Annka Kultys Gallery
Address: 472 Hackney Road, Unit 9, E2 9EQ, London
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