Greg Bogin: Today

Today is the debut exhibition by the American artist Greg Bogin, which painterly language is grounded in Minimalism and Pop- the works can be seen as an offspring of these two art genres paired together. The abstract animation works of "Today" are specially created for Hong Kong. Each work is a visual dialogue, and the audience is enthusiastically trying to unravel the story behind each painting.

The artist's work may be based on abstract aesthetics, but he hopes to extend beyond the academic teachings of abstract art. He is attracted to abstract expression because it enables him to convey multiple ideas without literal or concrete conditions. However, in the same way, he does not adhere to a creative dogma, but drives the whole process by instinct.

The paintings of Today are different from Bogin’s previous works because the paper-cuts in this exhibition are more visually expressive, and more of the calligraphic hints of letters or symbols. The human mind is programmed to add meaning to the form, eager to connect a strong emotion and transform a work of art into a compelling image. In this exhibition, the artist blurs the meaning of the works, allowing viewers to use their intuition to familiarize themselves with the paintings and create their own narratives.
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