Green Snake: Women-Centred Ecologies

Green Snake: Women-Centred Ecologies brings together more than 30 artists and groups from 20 countries and displays more than 60 works that draw on mythology and female-centered worldviews to explore the possibility of other ecological relationships and imagine other futures.

There is a focus on the connection between art and larger ecological themes in the context of rising temperatures and extreme weather events. Explores what alternative narratives are activated through the visions of artists who celebrate nature as a generative force, many of which are based on concepts of care and mutuality at the heart of ecofeminism. Care labor is central to the reproduction of existence: something that is underestimated in patriarchal and imperial systems across vast areas.

The title of the exhibition refers both to the famous ancient Chinese folk tale about the two sisters, the White Snake and the Green Snake and to the mythical serpentine figures that cross cultures and cosmic systems – just as snakes shed their skin and emerge from hibernation, so too does nature as a whole changed. Many artists in the exhibition have a long-standing research interest in specific river ecosystems and their associated myths. Dialogues between works rooted in different geographies highlight parallel struggles and practices of compassion and care for non-human beings.

Green Snake: Women-Centred Ecologies
Date: 20 Dec 2023 – 1 Apr 2024
Venue: Tai Kwun Contemporary
Address: 1/F JC Contemporary & F Hall, Prison Yard, 10 Hollywood Rd, Central, Hong Kong

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