Gerhard Richter and Sean Scully: Future in the Work

Future in the Work of Gerhard Richter and Sean Scully is an extraordinary exhibition showcases to pay tribute to 2 of the most important European painters of our time.

This exposition offers a fresh lens and approaches to scrutinize the creative endeavors of 2 seemingly disparate luminaries in the realm of abstract art. It sheds light on their trailblazing trajectories in artistic creation and innovation, unveiling compelling linkages between their life journeys and profound explorations. Through a meticulous analysis, the remarkable resonance between these two visionary thinkers is revealed.

This exhibition showcases a curated assemblage of paintings and works on paper, meticulously handpicked by Scully himself from his personal studio. The intention behind this selection is to engender a thought-provoking discourse with the profound artistic legacy left by Gerhard Richter. It includes a remarkable array of Richter's distinguished creations, spanning across diverse genres such as abstract and photo paintings, photocopyings, and works on paper. The convergence of these visionary artists within this exhibition ignited an unprecedented dialogue, delving into their distinctive biographies and the multifaceted artistic, political, and ideological influences that propelled them to become 2 of the most influential and unparalleled figures in the realms of both 20th and 21st-century art.

Future in the Work of Gerhard Richter and Sean Scully
Date: 25 Mar – 12 Apr 2024
Gallery: Ben Brown Fine Arts
Venue: Asia Society HK
Address: 9 Justice Dr, Admiralty, Hong Kong

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