Full Moon

Full Moon is a group exhibition by 3 artists - Choi Young Wook, Lee Geejo, Kim Yikyung, and Lee Kang-hyo’s, which showcase Lee’s ceramic Moon Jars, Choi and Kim’s paintings.

Although the jar has subtle colors and ingredients, it has been praised by scholars, art critics and collectors since the Joseon Dynasty, and is now regarded as a contemporary art genre that transcends the limitations of the traditional concept of Korean ceramics. The moon jar is named for its snow-like colour, which resembles the elegance of a full moon. Ceramic artists who are proficient in this exquisite skill understand that to make such a large pottery, it is necessary to throw away the upper and lower bodies separately, and then combine them as a whole. As a result, the lunar cylinder is usually imperfect, with a slightly abnormal shape-similar to the constantly changing phases of the moon. In other words, the organic beauty of the moon jar lies in its imperfection, which is contrary to the beauty of perfection emphasized in Western art classics. In this group exhibition, the artist demonstrated a powerful academic method to study the diversity and aesthetics of Korean lunar tanks, encouraging the audience to reflect on related lunar philosophy and natural cycles.

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