Fredrik Tjærandsen: Light In / Out

Light In/Out is the first solo exhibition by Norwegian artist Fredrik Tjærandsen, which takes us on a poetic journey through his work in a format that provides a unique combination of space, time, and light.

The first act of the exhibition allows us to focus on spatial positioning: we are outside, outside. We will explore the photos of the high-performance latex clothing made for the 2020 fashion sports show in the vast area of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. On the outside, visitors discover the frozen frame, the shape of light and bubbles in transparent, interesting colours. After the introduction, the model in the bubble began to meet with us. Although a connection was formed, there was still a distance and an obstacle. It's like an isolated metaphor, and everything that everyone has endured in the past year.

Act Two: Indoor We are then invited to cross the border and enter the room, which is also a sculpture made of latex. Contrary to what the photographs show, the artist here invites us to enter the interior together. You are invited to share experiences, interactions and the possibility of seeing the world from another perspective through colour filtering. The feeling is enhanced, but there is a sense of protection. We changed from the role of observer to participant and now occupy a limited space. Action: At the boundary between the inside and the outside, videos inspired by the changing lives of the pandemic are projected into a sculpture project created by the artist remotely, which combines dance, art, music and architecture. You can see from both sides, and you can work playfully with the viewpoint, and then move. The poetry of movement and dance then seems to become a part of our lives. The video brings the visitor to the conclusion of the exhibition-it is an obstacle, but also a release: the light and protective bubble separates us, but then turns to liberate us. This is an ode to human beings who have evolved, changed and bloomed with the passage of time and dazzling brilliance.
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