Fluid Maze

Fluid Maze is a group exhibition by 8 Hong Kong artists including Hector Chan, IV Chan, Dony Cheng, SSAN Hui, Mandy Lau, Florence Lee Yuk-ki, Wong Ka-ying, and Wu Jiaru, which showcases the experiment with different media to question the meaning of “seeing”.

Whether they live or grow up in Hong Kong, artists are deeply connected to the city. The essence of Hong Kong is woven into their work, each weaving their own personal experiences, forming a labyrinth of their consciousness in the interplay between each artwork and the larger picture.

In the experimental interaction of various visual media, the possibility of viewing art is explored through the artist’s unique perspective, trying to capture the collective experience and subtle details of daily life of a city’s generation. Each work represents its own story. The artist has a direct or indirect dialogue with the city, recording different humanistic story narratives through portraits, landscapes, paintings, installation art, videos, etc.

Fluid Maze
Date: 6 Feb – 13 Mar 2024
Gallery: Woaw Gallery
Address: G/F, 3 Sun Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
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